Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba – A Man of Peace

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba

C – Celestial charm, you resurrected Ibn Hanbal
H – Humble and so calm, rejoices us during Magal
E – Elevated divinely to the loftiest pinnacle
I – Indicated in An Nahli, you’re God’s true miracle
K – Knight of Gabon, a soldier standing in the dawn
H – Haste towards The One, faithful to Sunnah and Quran

A – Absolute charisma, teacher of Jinnati wa Nassi
H – Hope-giving, courageous, please draw us to firdawsi
M – Manacles of sweet virtue, you’re the innovator of our Iman
A – Annointed in Islam, we mercifully now know Ihsaan
D – Delighted servant of Allah, you never fought with a sword
O – Offering peace without cowardice, knowledge served your Jihad
U – Unique in this world, you’re the joy in our mind

B – Beneath our heart resides, Allah’s gift for mankind
A – Africa’s delight, you’re the noblest of guides
M – Marvelous path to paradise, we walk there at your side
B- Bowed to Allah daily, always praised his favorite Rusli
A – Appreciated deeply, wonderous Ahmadou Bamba, lead me!

By Cheikh Ahmadou Mbacke

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