“This Coffee Has Soul” The Backstory of Cafe Touba Cafe.

Good day.  I would to share the soft launch of Cafe Touba and our website www.cafetouba.coffee.  This is a very special project because of the soul and inspiration of where this coffee blend comes from in West Africa, more specifically the country of Senegal.  The blend was perfected by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba who brought peace and prosperity to his people by resisting and eventually working with the French colonizers of Senegal at the turn of the 19th century.  As other resistors turned to violence, the Cheikh and his followers used only words, science and piety to build the bridge of peace between the French and the people of Senegal.  It’s a great story and a great product that inspires peace.

Cafe Touba is a unique spiced coffee that both coffee and tea drinkers crave. Made with West African Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans, cloves and African pepper (Uda Djar), ground ultra fine; Cafe Touba is the ultimate fusion of coffee and spice.  Cafe Touba has an warm, earthy smell, a smooth spicy flavor, hints of pepper with a clean finish that is traditionally served hot and black with added sugar. Made even more delicious served chilled on hot summer days.

The universe works in mystery ways leading my fiance and myself to this opportunity with a couple of the coolest cats west of the Mississippi!  We came together via our central pursuit of natural products that are made of substance.  We are not sure where this journey will take us but we’re running without trepidation and will continue to spread not only this amazing product, but goodwill and inspiration to others.

Touba Coffee is a fair trade product.  Contact us via cafetoubacoffee@gmail with any inquiries.  www.cafetouba.coffee

Thank you for reading.


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