Cafe Touba is part of the 19th century spiritual legacy of Cheikh  Ahmadou Bamba that still lives on. The spiritual, charismatic leader of the Mouride Sufi taught his followers the importance in using words, science, piety and hard work to fend off the ills of the world.  This inspiration is in every cup of Touba to enlighten the soul and add pep to the step to take on the world!
Cafe Touba is a unique spiced coffee that both coffee and tea drinkers crave. Made with West African Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans, cloves and African pepper (Uda Djar), ground ultra fine; Cafe Touba is the ultimate fusion of coffee and spice.

Cafe Touba has an warm, earthy smell, a smooth spicy flavor, hints of pepper with a clean finish.

Traditionally served hot and black with added sugar. Made even more delicious served chilled on hot summer days.

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Mbacke Baye Faal Fepp